Tailwinds Airpark, FD15, is a private airport. All pilots using the field must familiarize themselves with the Operations Guide.

The Lat/Lon coordinates are N26-58.77 W80-13.12The field is located on the 070 degree radial of the Pahokee VOR.  It is approximately 28nm from the VORTAC.

Field elevation is 19 feet MSL.

All pilots must self announce on the CTAF 122.9

Pilot controlled lighting is available by clicking the CTAF 5 times, and this is requested to be done even during the day, in order to announce your arrival to anyone on the runway but not on frequency.

The paved runway is 2,700 feet long with a 300 foot overrun.  Note the displaced threshold on runway 9.

All visiting aircraft must be insured and registered with a valid airworthiness certificate.

All visiting pilots must hold a valid license.

There are no services offered on the field.

You can find Tailwinds Airpark on the Miami section map.  FD15 is easily found on the east coast of Florida between Lake Okeechobee and the Atlantic Ocean (it's about 7 1/2 miles in from the coast).

  There are no IFR approaches at Tailwinds.  However, North Palm Beach County Airport (F45) is just 8 miles to the south and has GPS and ILS approaches.  Ceiling and visibility permitting, you could shoot an approach at F45 and divert to FD15.

***Obstacles***There are numerous antennas in the Jupiter area.  Of special note is a tall, thin antenna 4 miles northeast of the field.  It stands 1038 feet MSL and it is hard to see unless you are looking for it.

Florida is home to some of the most active flight schools in the country.  Some areas are so congested that ATC will not provide flight following through the area and give the advice "Numerous targets ahead" before dropping you.  'See and avoid' takes on a new meaning to pilots not familiar with Florida flying.  Keep your eyes outside the airplane!